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10 May RISC OS Adjusted To Run On Raspberry Pi 3
10 May Many internal alterations to cope with the new hardware
26 Apr Wakefield Show Report
26 Apr The IconBar scoops the story
21 Apr It's Show Time !
21 Apr Good luck to all at tomorrow's RISC OS Wakefield Show

Wakefield 2017

20 Apr The RISC OS ArtWorks Graphic Of The Month
20 Apr Digital artist Richard Ashbery's latest creations

Graphic of The Month

18 Apr EDID Support Bounty Success
18 Apr Monitors now 'talk to RISC OS'
30 Mar BBC BASIC for Windows...
30 Mar works on the Raspberry Pi 3
29 Mar Titanium + RISC OS (44% of vote) trumps Raspberry Pi 3 (26%)...
29 Mar RISC OS Awards for 2016. Full results of RISCOSitory
23 Mar The RISC OS Interviews : Andy Marks
23 Mar The man behind several innovative new products talks to the Iconbar
19 Mar How To Create The Perfect Password
19 Mar Gentle Guardian article on what is more secure

Guardian Password Article

17 Mar See the new RISCOSbits Wispy WiFi adaptor...
17 Mar 20th March 2017 London ROUGOL meeting
16 Mar Free Raspberry Pi Zero W...
16 Mar ...with a subscription to The MagPi magazine
14 Mar Electronic Ink Display Controlled From RISC OS
14 Mar The PaPiRus Zero is a low power, low cost, electronic ink display
14 Mar for the Raspberry Pi Zero. Control it from RISC OS
03 Mar My Portable Raspberry Pi
03 Mar Nice unit with 9" HDMIPi screen and battery power
02 Mar Raspberry Pi Development Is Shifting...
02 Mar ... from hardware to software reports Wired
01 Mar Show Report Features On The IconBar
01 Feb RISC OS South West Show 2017 by Mark Stephens
27 Feb Run RISC OS for free...
27 Feb ...on MicroSoft, Apple and Linux systems with RPCemu
24 Feb It's Show Time !
24 Feb Good luck to all at tomorrow's RISC OS South West Show

South West Show 2017

22 Feb Drag 'n' Drop Turns 30
22 Feb New issue of the PDF RISC OS magazine
20 Feb Graphic Of The Month
20 Feb Richard Ashbery's new take on a BBC Basic classic
19 Feb SouthWest Show Line Up Revealed...
19 Feb Andrew Rawnsley's announcement on CSA
16 Feb There Is Still Time To Vote...
16 Feb the RISC OS Awards 2016
15 Feb The Early Days At Acorn Computers
15 Feb Chris Curry, founder of Acorn Computers, interviewed
15 Feb (One hour YouTube by Centre of Computing History)
14 Feb RISC OS Goes French
14 Feb Impressive French RISC OS website
14 Feb (Use Google Translate if you prefer to read it in English)
13 Feb The Biggest RISC OS Shop ?
13 Feb Good to see CJE Micro's still going strong
12 Feb SouthWest Show Kicks Off 2017
12 Feb In just two weeks time : Details on Show Website
11 Feb Raspberry Pi GPIO Diagrams
11 Feb Up to and including the Raspberry Pi 3
10 Feb RISCScode is Back
10 Feb It's great to once again be working on some RISC OS projects
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Wakefield 2017
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