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23 Dec It costs over a billion $ a year to run facebook
22 Dec Outstanding free Maths Calendar 2012 from AMS: PDF FILE
22 Dec ARM co-founder John Biggs interview
22 Dec An ICT teacher condems today's computing in schools
22 Dec Teaching students to think
20 Dec BBC iPlayer: Designing the iPhone App (Superb Blog)
20 Dec Encouraging the next generation of hackers Part 1
20 Dec Why did coding in schools disappear ?
18 Dec Domesday to be reloaded again in 2012
13 Dec Hermann Hauser is Computer Museum patron
09 Dec Insightful: The personal computer is dead
03 Dec Big names in Tech industry pay tribute to BBC Micro
30 Nov The Register Happy 30th Birthday BBCmicro
29 Nov Great blog post on a BBCmicro for 2012
29 Nov Ace article on Raspberry Pi in The Register
2011 Good article on the Acorn Archimedes
2011 Tidy NEWS summary: RISCOSitory
2011 Milestone or Millstone? BBCmicro
2011 BBCmicro emulator Beebdroid in Guardian
2011 Neat news summary at RISCOSblog
2011 RISCOSitory London show report
2011 ANS email newsletter: 279 out now
2011 Summary of RISC OS news in German
2011 Observations from a RISCOS newbie
2011 ARM looking to retake desktop market
2011 ICT in schools BBC Newsnight
2011 Raspberry Pi logo gets RISCOScode 'like'
2011 Acorn's origins: The Atom
2011 Computer Museum's rare Acorn A680
2011 Raspberry Pi gets ministerial backing
2011 An amusing find in the RISC OS codebase
2011 ARM ships 1.1 billion processors Q2, 2011
2011 Bruce Boxleitner: Tron 3 a done deal
2011 Raspberry Pi in The Observer
2011  Getting Unicode Working with RISC OS 4
2011 Steve Furber interview in Comms of ACM
2011 ZDNet - Acorns land at Bletchly park
2011 TBA RISC OS Blog Back after 12 years!

2011 Aemulor for Beagleboard & Raspberry Pi
2011 Dragon slaying: Moria RISC OS progress
2011 Scott's lost software found - New game ?  

15 Dec Risc PC goes for £109 on eBay
12 Dec Pheobe Risc PC case goes for £155 on eBay
05 Dec Risc PC (from 1997) sells for £64.44 on eBay
2011 eBay Iyonix goes for £300.75
2011 Acorn Phoebe case sells for £108.61
2011 ARM3 upgrade for Acorn Archimedes
2011 Archimedes prototype sells for £2850
2011 WIMP Programming for all: Amazon: £10
2011  Recelled battery pack Acorn A4 laptop : £65
2011 Broken A4 Acorn laptop : £90.88
2011 Kinetic Risc PC sold on eBay for £141
2011 Risc PC graphics TV card for £155 (Used at BBC)
2011 Iyonix sold for £397.57
2011 StrongARM RiscPC sells for £113.11

2011 Acorn Electron User Guide online
2011 BBCmicro Advanced User Guide on Windows
2011 VirtualRPC In Use - 2nd Ed

23 Dec Thorough introduction to RISC & Acorn Archimedes on YouTube
22 Dec 7 sites that make programming fun
16 Dec This will inspire a million 'April Fools'
14 Dec "ICT poor" in many schools: Ofsted
11 Dec Xmas web games for those with kids to entertain
11 Dec How Gaming Is Changing The Classroom Blog
10 Dec Teaching kids to read & write using Twitter YouTube
09 Dec The BBC Micro II : Informative Blog post
08 Dec Game Prototyping 101 : classic blog post
05 Dec piLEARN succinctly sums up Raspberry Pi + RISC OS
28 Nov piLEARN How to build a simple website
26 Nov David Braben talks Raspberry Pi in Edge
25 Nov piLEARN Reuniting Education with RISC OS
2011 Knitting book produced using RISC OS
2011 Help port Scratch to RISC OS
2011 TechWriter produced GCSE Maths online

2011 Highest ever score on Snapper?
2011 Trailer: New BBC micro game Blurp
2011  !Inferno relaunched for iPad/iPhone
2011 Major BBCmicro release EuroGamer Show
2011 Classic Risc PC game, now free: Burn Out

10 Dec ArtWorks template for drawing the human face
07 Dec RISC OS fonts of 78000 characters
05 Dec FreeSans, FreeSerif & FreeMono fonts for RISC OS to download
01 Dec Raspberry Pi logo in ArtWorks format
2011 'Quicksand' to be Raspberry Pi font
2011 RISC OS ArtGraphs in Art Magazine
2011 John Ward's RISC OS Twitter Avatar
2011 Stunning ArtWorks Graphic
2011 BBCmicro animation demo Nyan cat
2011 Four Acorn Replay movies

23 Dec Iyonix compatible digital voice recorder: VN8400PC
23 Dec RISC OS compatible wireless laser mouse: M510
23 Dec First photos of Raspberry Pi, mass production units
20 Dec A rival to Raspberry Pi ?
17 Dec ARMini CD / DVD drive support announced
17 Dec Acorn Atom upgrades selling fast
15 Dec Will Raspberry Pi be a doorway to robotics?
14 Dec Lego robot solves Rubik's in 5.352 seconds
07 Dec Rapsberry Pi SoC supplier Broadcom doing well
06 Dec Update RISC OS USB stack & earn £744
03 Dec Raspberry Pi production slips to January 2012
2011 USB CD driver almost working
2011 Updated fast serial transfer for BBCmicro
2011 Solid state disc drive for BBCmicro
2011 USB interface for BBCmicro
2011 Acorn BBC Master ROM RAM Card
2011 Acorn Teletext Adapter's last days
2011  BBCmicro in a FPGA
2011 Rare Acorn Rajan 1200 computer for sale
2011 BBCmicro fast serial transfer is GO !
2011  Beagleboard Robotics via BBC BASIC
2011 Acorn DIY A7000 laptop photo-news
2011 Archimedes video upgrade to SVGA
2011 The truth : VIDC, ViewFinder & VPod
2011 Beagleboard XM graphics speed benchmarks
2011 RISC OS 6.20 slower than 4.39 - Discuss

21 Dec A brief history of Acorn & RISC OS computers
12 Dec Acorn User & BBC MICRO USER magazine scans on DVDs
04 Dec "Acorn Programs" magazines from 1984 online
2011 What was the 7th company in BBC bid?
2011 YouTube demo of Risc PC 700 Part 1
2011 BBC's Click video features David Braben's £15 Raspberry Pi computer plus BBC Micro & Elite gameplay.
2011 Acorn's BBC Micro in BBC News video
2011 How ARM stopped Apple going bust
2011 Amusing Archimedes Demo
2011 Video: Micro User Show, Mancester, 1985

22 Dec Charm computer language: v2.4 released
18 Dec Top 50 programming languages
14 Dec What happens when BASIC is put in an eMail
2011 BASIC VFP/SIMD assembler v0.6
2011 Rewrite RISC OS in C/C++ ROOL
2011 RiscLua updated to version 5.30
2011  Charm for RISC PCs and emulators

Raspberry Pi
2011 Check out this Quicksand font
2011 #PiRO Raspberry Pi + RISC OS tweets

2011 ROOL USB sticks back in stock
2011 RISC OS Open initiate Bounties scheme

10 Dec BBC join those presenting at Hack To The Future
2011 Raspberry Pi at Transfer Summit, Oxford
2011  Demodays : 26/27/28 Aug 2011
2011 Last week's Hackers Delight on YouTube
2011 Midlands show broke even

18 Dec 7th Software Christmas !SnowDemo
2011 BookMaker address book & hot list manager
2011 Dave Higton's updated software page
2011 Announcing the Beebdroid
2011 Updated: Routines from 7th Software
2011 Bernard Veasey's MyBanner updated
2011 Beagleboard SD card flasher announced
2011 !Zap download (Beagleboard/ARMini OK)
2011 NetSurf RISC OS browser updated
2011 CD-Faker software made 32 bit neutral
2011 Electronic PCB designer, SchemED updated
2011  ROLF a RISC OS GUI for Linux
2011 Fat32 filing system update v1.37
2011 InterGif animation utility ARMv7 update
2011 Solve Quadratic Diophantines !QuadDioph
2011 Thanks André, for TimPlayer 1.16
2011 !Inferno ported RISC OS => X.BOX
2011 Enigma Simulator is Beagleboard OK
2011 Pellian Equation Solver software
2011 ViewFinder software update 1.78
2011 RISC OS star comands listed.
2011 RiscLua users are backing a winner.

User Groups
14 Dec Reminder : Southampton Acorn Users Group meet TODAY
2011 WAUG's RISC OS Facebook page

15 Dec Theo Markettos' collection of Acorn Technical Docs
2011 Fake Russian Raspberry Pi
2011 Clone of old Acorn FTP site is online


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