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11 Nov New Pi, Lower Price
11 Nov Compact and lightweight here's the lowdown on the Model A
30 Oct Highlights from the London RISC OS Show 2014
30 Oct Chris Hall has posted a summary on the ROOL forums
29 Oct A Flying Car for less than £180,000
29 Oct Working prototype revealed in Vienna (Guardian)
28 Oct eBay
28 Oct 26 bids so far for this rare Acorn A4 laptop
27 Oct Raspberry Pi Hardware Project
27 Oct "Wheel of Excuses" showcases RISC OS on the Pi
21 Oct BBC Micro Classic Game Revived
21 Oct Acornsoft's 1983 masterpiece, "Frogger" updated & re-released
12 Oct Another Risc PC Viewfinder Card on eBay
12 Oct The last went for £221: This currently at £50
12 Oct Updated : Sold for £316
08 Oct RISC OS goes International
08 Oct London Show announced in ten languages
08 Oct (For our readers of English: It's on Saturday October 25th)
07 Oct New Operating System from ARM
07 Oct Designed for The Internet of Things (BBC News)
06 Oct Yesterday's Raspberry Jam
06 Oct Several tweets with photos several featuring RISC OS
05 Oct Graphic of the Month
05 Oct Another Richard Ashbery masterpiece
04 Oct Machester Show News
04 Oct 11th/12th October 2014 : PlayExpo Tickets On Sale
03 Oct Viewfinder Graphics Card for Risc PC
03 Oct ... is up for grabs on eBay
02 Oct The Birth Of The Internet
02 Oct A plaque in celebration
30 Sep Virtual Acorn are Back
30 Sep New disks for old including a swap of Windows for Mac
17 Sep Ooh La-La !
17 Sep The new French RISC OS website has
17 Sep added an English corner
15 Sep Midland's Show Report
15 Sep A write up on the July 2014 event from RISCOSitory
12 Sep The New Red Ensign
12 Sep RISCOScode is back after two months at sea.
12 Sep Now berthed in a new Home Port in Wales.
12 Sep Some computing done on voyage, including a
12 Sep nautical flag design for the reduced UK...

Saint Andrew OUT, Saint David IN

27 Jun Website News
27 Jun RISCOScode will be static until late August (Gone Sailing!)
26 Jun Back from The Digital Dead
26 Jun QuizMaster has been reworked & brought up to date (RISCOSitory)
26 Jun Security
26 Jun How to protect a Windows PC against malware
26 Jun (Alternative solution: Use RISC OS on a Raspberry Pi instead !)
25 Jun Summer Reading Suggestion
25 Jun Master Switch: Rise & fall of information empires (Amazon)
25 Jun End-of-Term Maths Investigation
25 Jun Determining a strategy to score higher in the game of darts
22 Jun End of Term MathArt
22 Jun Curves of Pursuit resource flagged up via Twitter
22 Jun Impossible Shapes from Richard Ashbery
22 Jun Downloadable fractal wallpapers to inspire
21 Jun OBE for David Braben
21 Jun Raspberry Pi pioneer honoured
18 Jun Book: A Potted History of Acorn Computers
18 Jun Money being raised to produce 132 page, full colour book
18 Jun The World Cup : Topical Coding Project
18 Jun Analyse wiki data to give box plot of each teams age profile
17 Jun Sad News
17 Jun David Holden, RISC OS advocate, owner of APDL, has died
16 Jun Happy Birthday, Acorn Archimedes
16 Jun YouTube of Archimedes Launch 27 years ago today
15 Jun Monday's London Meeting (16th July 2014)
15 Jun The Archimedes Software Preservation Project explained
14 Jun Elite Dangerous: Kate Russel's eBook
14 Jun "Mostly Harmless" getting five star reviews on Amazon
13 Jun The Tech Business
13 Jun Marc Cuban's 12 Rules for Startups
12 Jun Three Millionth Raspberry Pi Sold
12 Jun News announced as Uptons meet Royalty
12 Jun Duke of York: "I've lost count of the number of people I've
12 Jun met in the tech industry who started out on a BBC Micro"
11 Jun The Turing Test
11 Jun Did Eugene Goostman pass ? (Guardian)
11 Jun The Register is suspicious...
10 Jun The Magic Of Fibonacci Numbers
10 Jun Lovely TED talk for the End of Term
09 Jun Midlands User Group Show: 12th July 2014
09 Jun Get set for a Summer Of Computing
22 May Disturbing Maths Image
22 May One Monkey with infinite hands
22 May eBay Hacked
22 May All account holders advised to change password
21 May Wakefield Show 2014
21 May Report from RISCOSitory
16 May Pythagoras : Animated Proof
16 May The most famous theorem in mathematics
15 May Return of the BBC Micro
15 May An online, Javascript emulation of the Beeb
10 May Amsterdam RISC OS Show 17th May
10 May Details in English for the RISC OS Experience 2014
09 May So, just how big is Google ?
09 May Google mess with the mind of cartoonist Randall Munroe
07 May RISC OS Pico for The Raspberry Pi
07 May £5 SD card all set up to boot directly into BBC Basic
07 May David Bradforth's writing an article on ...
07 May ...Technical Support Scammers Send him your RISC OS stories
01 May Eben Upton of Raspberry Pi fame...
01 May ...blogs on Celebrating 50 years of Basic
30 Apr RISC OS News by eMail
30 Apr Plus User Group Meetings in this week's issue of ANS
29 Apr The NSA is the largest employer of mathematicians in the US
29 Apr Ethical Calculus: The quandary of working for the spooks (New Scientist)
28 Apr One of the 'serious' RISC OS software packages...
28 Apr ...ProCAD+ has been updated to Version 1.08
27 Apr A Wry Look...
27 Apr James Iry's Heavily Illustrated History Of Programming Languages
26 Apr Linux User feature on BBC Micro & Raspberry Pi
26 Apr "Educate, Inform and Entertain" Full Article
26 Apr See and handle the new Pi-Compute...
26 Apr ...Raspberry Pi at today's Show. Pi-Compute at Wakefield
26 Apr Retweeted pictures & news...
26 Apr ...from today's RISC OS Wakefield show. Follow RISCOScode
25 Apr It's great to return from Easter holidays and find...
25 Apr * A new issue of Archive Magazine on the doormat
25 Apr * A new ArtWorks Graphic from Richard Ashbery
25 Apr * Tomorrow's Wakefield Show generating much excitement
30 Mar End of Term INSET (INSErvice Training)
30 Mar Maths Class Needs A Makeover
29 Mar End of term Maths Joke
29 Mar Statistic: 1 in 3 slopes are very steep
29 Mar Donated by Acorn's Founder, Chris Curry...
29 Mar ... to the museum of computing history; Communicator
28 Mar End Of Term Maths Fun
28 Mar Phones out in the classroom to play the 2048 game
27 Mar Pimp Your BBC Micro...
27 Mar ...with this 128MB SD Card Disk Drive for £29.50
27 Mar Support for Windows XP ends 8th April 2014
27 Mar Time to consider the options
26 Mar For Serious RISC OS Geeks Only
26 Mar Is this the ultimate RISC OS retro gaming machine ?
26 Mar MicroSoft Source Code Released
26 Mar MS DOS & Word for Windows made available to all
25 Mar BBC Micro game now a free Web App
25 Mar Anita Straker's "Merlin's Castle" for a new generation
24 Mar Raspberry Pi Magazines in WHSmith
24 Mar but the cheapest is £7.99 (Twitter Picture)
23 Mar A Truth Of Mathematics
23 Mar Love this XKCD cartoon
23 Mar Differential Equations (A-Level, Core 4)
23 Mar Four lessons with full solutions
22 Mar HDMIpi
22 Mar The eagerly awaited low cost HDMI screen is progressing slowly
22 Mar The Art of Atari
22 Mar New book attempts to preserve what Atari failed to archive
21 Mar BBC Micro Classic Remade
21 Mar Cult masterpiece "Repton" now on iPhone, iPad and iTouch
20 Mar Aircraft Technology
20 Mar A simple theory about the missing Malaysia Airlines Jet
18 Mar It all started with Acorn's RISC...
18 Mar ARM celebrates selling 50 Billion Micro Chips
18 Mar Speed Record Broken
18 Mar Rubik's cube solving robot takes just 3.253 seconds
18 Mar Here's the YouTube of the new world record being set
18 Mar Taking kids to The Computing Museum in Cambridge ?
18 Mar This new promotional video will enthuse
17 Mar Acorn Computing in the 1980s
17 Mar Vast numbers of magazine scanned, and for sale, on DVD
16 Mar Book investigates deaths of UFO researchers
16 Mar RISC OS enthusiast Paul Vigay's death mentioned
16 Mar New Version of RISC OS for Raspberry Pi released
16 Mar Version RC12 features a web browser, (The new version of NetSurf) plus
16 Mar word processor, spreadsheet, database and charts package (PipeDream)
16 Mar along with improved networking (enabled by default) and other new software.
16 Mar Initially RC12 is available for purchase for £10 from ROOL
16 Mar RISCOScode understands that RC12 will be available free from
16 Mar the RISC OS section of the R Pi downloads page in a week or so.
16 Mar Further details as we receive them...
16 Mar The RISC OS SouthWest Show Report 2014
16 Mar News from last weekend's show from RISCOSitory
15 Mar What's what on The Raspberry Pi
15 Mar Cool interactive graphic teaches what each component does
15 Mar Revise "Additional Mathematics"
15 Mar Nine "Grade Grabber" Revision Papers (with full solutions)
14 Mar Something for the weekend ?
14 Mar Maplin's knock £20 off their Raspberry Pi Starter Kit (Now £59.99)
14 Mar & there's 10% off all Raspberry Pi accessories at The Pi Hut
14 Mar Classic BBC Micro Game of 1982 Resurrected
14 Mar Raspberry Pi gamers can now play "Meteors" using RISC OS
13 Mar Digital Art
13 Mar Cool images plus the code to make them: All RGB colors in one image
13 Mar Plus a very clever ArtWorks delight from Richard Ashberry
12 Mar The story so far...
12 Mar Kind beginners article on The Raspberry Pi in the Guardian

14 Feb : Human's account for only 40% of website traffic
14 Feb : The rest ? Some good, some bad such as the Content Scrapers
06 Feb : RISCOSitory announces RISC OS Awards
20 Jan : Will alarm wake Rosetta probe for comet mission ?
12 Jan : Life
12 Jan : You are at work. There is an email to the North.
12 Jan : > answer email.
12 Jan : Three more appear.
12 Jan : > answer emails.
12 Jan : Twelve more appear.
12 Jan : > run
12 Jan : You cannot run.
07 Jan : Patric, aged 8, becomes a computer programmer

04 Feb : If the speed of light is c, the speed of dark must be "can't c".

08 Feb : Iyonix Risc PC for £76
08 Feb : Microdigital Omega for £51
13 Jan : Iyonix PC going for £199
13 Jan : Rare Phoebe case for £51

01 Feb : Recreational Mathematics Magazine launched

17 Feb : 6 Small Math Errors That Caused Huge Disasters
13 Feb : Peter Donnelly on How juries are fooled by statistics
03 Feb : Hot from the Classroom Integration for C1 & C2
19 Jan : piLEARN's New Year make-over continues with a reworked A-Level section

09 Feb : "Retro Video Gamer" reviews 24 Acorn Archimedes Classics
07 Feb : How to get those old games running on Raspberry Pi

14 Feb : How mathematicians' say "I Love You" (Twitter Picture)
11 Jan : Amazing photos from the Star Wars set

15 Jan : PiGlow is a fun £9 hardware add on for the Raspberry Pi
15 Jan : And here is the BBC Basic code to use it with RISC OS
08 Jan : You too can own and pilot a drone
08 Jan : Here's a similar model to that on national news from Amazon...
08 Jan : ...And a waterproof video camera to go with it

20 Jan Ready for input>

20 Jan Ready for input

Raspberry Pi
14 Feb : For beginners: A stroll around RISC OS on the Raspberry Pi
15 Jan : ZDNet gets hands on with RISC OS on a Raspberry Pi

20 Jan Ready for input

18 Feb : Sat 1st March RISC OS fun near Weston-Super-Mare"
18 Feb : Sun 2nd March Sinclair fun in Cambridge's Computing Museum"
16 Feb : R Pi Jam on 27th & 28th Feb: Draft Programme of events
04 Feb : BBC Micro fun on this course in Cambridge at The Centre for Computing History
02 Feb : Recursion Computer Fair
02 Feb : 14th & 15th Feb King Edward Vi School Stratford Upon Avon

20 Jan : Nintendo issue profit warning (Guardian)
14 Jan : Microsoft about to ditch Windows 8

User Groups
20 Jan Ready for input

15 Feb : KickStarter: "Secure" data stolen


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