Richard introduced himself to me at the recent show in Wakefield with the words, "I've got some great porn for you to see".
An awkward pause followed.
Then I realised that what I heard as 'porn' was in fact 'pawn'. Richard was refering to a chess piece rather that scantily clad women.
I've long admired Richard's skill as an animator, a topic which he has written about several times in the RISC OS media. With my Flicker  animation software on sale for the first time that very day I was, of course, very interested in what he had to say about 'pawn'.

In love with ArtWorks


Many of Richards' artistic endeavours are created using Artworks. Previously on RISCOScode, Richard has shown how he creates 'spirograph'-like still images using Cogs and Artworks. He's taken this artform to a new level and it remins his primary artistic interest. A new set of Cogs/ArtWorks images was recently added to his website. They are well worth looking over.
When it comes to creating animations, ArtWorks is not an obvious tool to use. However, Richard has become a master of bending Artworks to do his bidding. What made his 'pawn' animation interesting was that it was a tutorial. It showed how Richard had taken a two dimensional object and, picture element by picture element, transformed it into a more solid looking, three dimensional object. The animation runs at a slow pace to allow the viewer to digest each step in the process. It's more like a slow frame slide show than a fast frame animation. It really is very good. I recommend you visit Richard's website and take a look. There it is running as an animated gif towards the bottom of his home page. 

Download 'Pawn' as a Flicker animation.

After the show and our enthusiastic coversation about all things 'animation', I downloaded the animated gif from Richard's website. Passing it through InterGif converted it into RISC OS sprites. These I renumbered from 0 to 34 before adding a backdrop and a soundtrack, the wonderfully chilled out 'Evening Glow', by Manwe/SandS. Finally, I credited Richard as the director of the animation. 'Pawn' is now available as a desktop Flicker film, from the link at the foot of this page.

By default I've set FilmPawn to run as an AutoAdvance slide-show. I suggest it works best with the AutoAdvance on its maximum 'fast' setting. By turning AutoAdvance off, the animation may be stepped through, forwards or backwards, a frame at a time so you can see each step of Richard's 2D to 3D conversion.
Download FilmPawn from the link below; Flicker will be needed to run the film and is available from the MathMagical website for £15. I intend to provide a steady flow of Flicker films through the RISCOScode website over the coming months. If you've created any interesting animations, I'd love to see them.


Click on the image directly above to download pawn


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