Immediately after this year's Wakefield show  I had no intention of writing a show report. I'd not managed to see any of the theatre talks and had only made a couple of quick orbits around the exhibition hall. Most of the time I'd been busy manning my MathMagical  stand, selling software. I also felt I'd written enough show reports over the years. As they were always from my point of view, I didn't feel I had anything fresh to say. 


Back home and back online, a couple of chatty emails inspired me to reconsider. I fired off around twenty emails to people I had seen at the show, asking for their thoughts on the day. Within twenty-four hours I'd got a good amount of information. I decided it was, after all, worthwhile writing up an account of the event.
Once the report was online, I flagged it up on C.S.A.Announce. This is the main way of 'spreading the word' amongst the RISC OS community. Pleased with the report I thought I ought to push it to the max. Where else did RISC OS afficionados gather on the web these days ?
It may be in archive mode, but drobe's home page is still a surprisingly good source of links. I started working my way through the list there. I started with ArcSite, a regularly updated German website with working newsfeeds. Clicking on 'Kontact' allowed me to submit news via email. So I did. One down. I moved on to MyRISCOS which again seemed up to date and to positively be encouraging folks to send in material. I had to become a member first so I applied. Returning to my email inbox to see if MyRISCOS had sent me a password via email I was amazed to find a responce from Carlos Santillan saying that my news had been posted on ArcSite. After scribbling down a MyRISCOS password I returned to ArcSite. My post, edited, was there. Ten minutes after sending the initial email. Amazing.
Back on the MyRISCOS site, my new password worked fine. I typed out my news, and submitted it for moderation. I went through a similar process at RISC OS info. In both cases, within two hours, my news had been moderated, accepted and put online. By now, C.S.A.Announce was also running a link to the RISCOScode show report. The Acorn News Service was next on my list, so I emiled a submission for inclusion in their next fortnightly email news letter.
I was going to stop there but at the back of my mind I could remember that in the good old drobe days, editor Chris Williams often got a link from one of the big computing websites. When he managed this, the drobe 'online now' readership would jump from about thirty to four hundred. This large number of readers once almost brought down the drobe website. A google seach convinced me that it was OS NEWS that Chris used to get to link to drobe.
This is a busy site with around five news posts a day, mostly about the major computing plaforms and their issues. Not wanting to make a bad first impression I studied their style guide before becoming a member and sending in a carefully worded paragraph.



Flagging up RISC OS on OS NEWS made my day. The eight toothed green cog wheel had not featured there for almost a year. If you have some RISC OS news that you'd like to pass around then I hope you'll find my list of places to post useful. Don't forget to add RISCOScode itself to your list ;-)


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