Another RISC OS show but not another show report from RISCOScode. Instead, this time, I thought it would be fun to record the day's events via the RISCOScode twitter feed. This has been established for a couple of months now and is working well.
If you are following RISCOScode on twitter you will have received the tweets archived on this page live as they were issued from the exhibition hall.
For those RISC OS enthusiasts who have yet to join the legion of the twitteratti this is what you have been missing...


@RISCOScode tweets...

Morning folks. Possibly we have a live feed from the RISC OS Midlands show which opens at 11am today. But first.... A cup of tea and toast.
Large banners outside St Johns Church announce that the RISC OS Midlands show is here in Kenilworth today. Lets's go in...
Several MUG (Midland User Group) helpers pounce on each exhibitor's car as it arrives (to help carry their kit into the hall) closely followed by an offer of a cup of tea. It's good here...
(Yes, they offered a MUG of tea)
First panic of the day: no table cloths (for the exhibition stands). Not a problem for MathMagical who have theusual pink andpurple table cloth out already.
Table cloths are here. CJE miccros pleased as they've brought a ton of stuff and want to set up. Show opens in 45 minutes.
All arriving now: R-Comp, Orpheus ISP, Martin Wurthner... Chaos. But organised.
Serious Statistical Software wins prize for 1st to set up. CJE Micro's win the prize for Best Oiled Machine as, incredibly, they are 2nd.
Phew - Door's opened at 11am and I've been talking not-stop since. Nice friendly buzz and 33 happy people in the hall at the moment.
Vince Hudd of Soft Rock Software is demonstrating a new version of Quicksand, the adventure game, running in a desktop window.
Great to see !Flicker being used to display TWAM (Tools With A Mission) charity newsletter.
Lunchtime and it's mostly software developers talking to each other. We're wondering why a no-show from RISC OS Ltd. (There table is next to mine, and empty).
Also not here; Drag n Drop (panic at work) and Archive. (On the way - Be here soon). It looks like RISCOSitory and RISCOScode have the show news scoops all to themselves.
One very happy punter, Paul, in retro computing heaven at the charity stall buying kit for his six BBC Micros, A410, Electron...
Torn between need to eat lunch and talk to Steve Fryatt and check out the Organiser stand. "Hello, Steve ... "
Andrew at R-Comp getting teased as ARMini has no branding stickers on it - just a plain box. Andrew does not like stickers...
Suggested compromise for a customer who'd like an ARMini with a sticker on saying it's an ARMini. "We could put a sticker on the inside of the box".
I am looking at CJE Micro's upscaler. BBC Micro display on a LCD monitor. Old meets new. Weird. Steady & clear image though.
Suddenly busy again. 31 people in hall and the buzz is back.
I've had a very interesting conversation with Nat Queen, mathematician at Birmingham University - the only remaining RISC OS user there.
!Iconizer II working more than fine on ARMini. Sample tie data: Iyonix 20 seconds, ARMini 13 seconds. Fantastic speed boost.
End of show raffle taking place now. The winner is...
John Rickman. Hold on, he's the chief organiser and a magician. Fix, FIX, FIX!!
Jim Nagel has arrived five hours late. He's got copies of Archive magazine with him. The party bag at the end of the party ?
It turned out they were old issues only ;-(
It's packing up time. All stalls down now. Hansen, stop texting. STALLS DOWN NOW!!
All packed up, thankyous and godbyes said. Hope you've enjoyed this coverage as it happened at the show. Martin.


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