It's been a while since RISCOScode featured a show report. It's not through a lack of trying. Requests to those who have been to recent shows to 'write something' have repeatedly drawn a blank. So when I, the frustrated editor, saw that I was free on the weekend of the first ever RISC OS Show in Portsmouth, I decided to book a stand and get RISCOScode back into the thick of the action.
I like trying to do things in a modern way, and the key idea in this regard was to use Twitter. This, effectively, gets the show report written on the day of the show. I am aware, however, that a day of following tweets is not to everyone's taste and so the intention always was to follow up with an archive of the day's messages. This archive also provides an opportunity to add a few photographs and links to the items mentioned.

The colourful banner used to advertise the show

Saturday 28th September 2013


Welcome to RISCOScode's coverage of The RISC OS Portsmouth Show 2013. If you're in Portsmouth today between 11 am and 5 pm drop in to say Hi.

In case you are nearby: The show is on the 2nd Floor of the Innovation Space Building, 1 Hampshire Terrace, Portsmouth PO1 2QF.

Right now the first exhibitor's cars are being unloaded and the first stalls being set up. I need to do likewise with RISCOScode's stall.

Soft Rock Software had a quirky display of amusing posters.
They were selling Chris Hall's new book
"Getting started with RISC OS on the Raspberry Pi"
and announced the launch of a RISC OS AWARDS website.

First sale of the day, before the show even opens, goes to CJE Micros. They've had an email from Sweden ordering a second hand Iyonix.

Panic Stations at the show: No sign of R-Comp, one of the show's big hitters. Otherwise all exhibitors seem ready for the 11 am start.

Panic over : R-Comp have arrived having explored all of Portsmouth on the way. Time for a RISC OS GPS system perhaps.

Been talking with Richard Keefe about the work he's doing on rescuing the RISC OS killer app, Impression. Great to hear progress is being made.

Impression is a word processor written in old 26 bit ARM code. Richard's making it 32 bit neutral so it'll run natively on Iyonix & Pi.

The view down the exhibition hall from the R-Comp stand.
Richard Keefe, on a mission to rescue Impression, is on the left.

Breaking: Vince Hudd has announced a website to allow RISC OS enthusiasts to vote for the best and worst of RISC OS.

Bryan Hogan & several other RISC OS User Group Of London (ROUGOL) members have just arrived. London Show in a month's time is shaping up well.

Been admiring Chris Hall's book Getting Started with RISC OS on the Raspberry Pi. It's very smartly produced and only £4.50 at the show.

Drag n' Drop's editor has a new issue of the RISC OS PDF magazine in the pipeline. Tentatively scheduled for release on 12th October.

CJE Micros are selling a Camera Board for the Raspberry Pi. If I could run it using RISC OS I'd have bought it. Alas, no drivers for it :-(

Ron Biscoe saying the RISCOScode display of a battery powered Pi and 22" monitor would be of use to folks in caravans and motor homes. 

The RISCOScode display showing the battery powered 22" monitor
and Raspberry Pi that were featured in a recent article.

Spotted Gavin Wraith across the hall putting up posters to advertise the programming language LUA for RISC OS. Am off to chat to him...  

Bought a violently red case for the RISCOScode Raspberry Pi and also a real time clock from CJE Micros. (Yes, checked clock fits in case).

RISC OS Open Ltd are doing good business. Ben Avison doing a good job dealing with customers; fielding their questions, taking their cash.

Ben Avison manning the ROOL stand,
and Drag n' Drop editor Chris Dewhurst manning his.

A couple of customers at the MathMagical stand have spotted that the computers are running an unreleased R Pi theme on the desktop.

Exhibition hall is pleasingly full of people and there's a lovely chilled and relaxed atmosphere.

Talking with Andy Moyler who is responsible for this show at Innovation Warehouse being free for both visitors and exhibitors.

He's passionate about tech in general and RISC OS in particular, and wants to get it in front of school kids and university students.

His challenging question; What can the RISC OS community help him place in front of youngsters that will inspire & enthuse them for RISC OS ?

This is not just an idle question; this is the whole purpose of his job here at Innovation Warehouse.

Just done a fly-by of the Organizer stand where the version on display looks so very much better than my version from three years ago.

R-Comp boss Andrew Rawnsley chatting to customers.

Am with R-Comp's Andrew Rawnsley as I want to quiz him about !Plingstore. This is fast becoming the RISC OS version of Apple's App Store.

Very impressed with !Plingstore. A slick way to download RISC OS software. It's great R-Comp are so focussed on a good user experience.

Most frequently downloaded item on !Plingstore since it opened last October is the (free) Atari emulator, Hatari. (Over 1000 downloads)

Steve Drain is showing off a super slim Raspberry Pi plugged into the back of a Motorola laptop case. It's a one off build. Very cool.

Steve Drain called this "An exercise in Reduction".
The Raspberry Pip is a Raspberry Pi that's been reduced in height to fit into a
slim black case which in turn plugs into a lap dock.
Notice the gold seam running around the elegant black case: the
attention to detail was impressive.

Stewart Pearce, another member of the Innovation Warehouse staff, has been enthusing to me at what he's seen at the show today.

Last visitor has left, the show is over. Now to pack up. Hope you've enjoyed today's Twitter coverage of the first RISC OS Portsmouth show.


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